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Medical Insurance Shoppers Benefit from Guidance, Informed Decision Making

Insurance companies are known for competing against each other for business, but customers can use this to their advantage in the search for the best rates for medical insurance. Customers have the opportunity to demand individualized services that can help them to determine which medical insurance plan is right for unique health and financial needs.

Whether one loses a job, starts a new business, retires early or works for a company that does not provide group medical insurance, many people will be faced with having to shop for individual medical insurance or family health insurance coverage in their lifetimes. Rather than receiving coverage through an employer-sponsored group health insurance program, these customers will need to shop in the individual market, which includes a variety of insurance policies from self-only coverage to family medical insurance.

Although insurance rates tend to be higher in the individual market in comparison to the group insurance market, which has costs spread amongst a number of people, it is still possible to obtain affordable medical insurance.

The first step to finding the right plan for individual needs is to determine the dollar amount available in the personal budget for premiums. Then, insurance shoppers can analyze different plans, comparing and contrasting, to learn as much as possible about each medical insurance plan. By getting to know the details of the insurance plan prior to purchase, there will not be surprises in coverage or non-coverage in the future.

“It is important for medical insurance shoppers in the individual market to fully understand the details of different medical insurance plans, so they can make the best choice for their medical needs and budget requirements,” said Tom Carolan, Director of Client Services with “That’s why we provide one-on-one consultation services to walk customers through the process and help them to understand all aspects of the medical insurance coverage available to them.”



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