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ISMAmerica Retirement Planning For Generation Y

Currently there are about 200 million working Americans. Of these working Americans almost 125 million of them were born after the year 1965. These Generation Y workers are a different breed of worker from the preceding generations like the Baby Boomer generation. Therefore, their retirement strategies will be looked at in a much different light as opposed to the other generations.

Generation Y Retirement Planning – Not Your Father’s Retirement Plan

The problem with a lot of the financial institutions out there today is that they still speak with the same industry jargon that related to the older generations. What’s worse is they will also want to treat Generation Y workers in the same manner that they did those in the Baby Boomer generation.

However, those in Generation Y are much more in tune with the world today. Not that they are smarter, but they grew up a lot better equipped. With technology becoming a driving force in their lifetime and continuing into their working years, the individuals of Generation Y are almost always connect in some way, shape, or form.

This simply means that those who are taking on the challenge of helping Generation Y reach financial freedom in their lifetime need to do so in a way that makes sense to them. It does little good for anyone to work with a financial advisor who only frustrates and confuses the situation.

Reliably Zero for Generation Y Retirement Planning

Another key difference with those in Generation Y is that they are fast coming to realize there is nobody they can rely on but themselves. It wasn’t all that long ago that owning a h


ome and being involved in a company pension or 401(k) meant a cushy retirement in the future. Now, market turmoil and other unforeseen factors have lead to what can only be classified as catastrophic and there is no longer any easy path to financial freedom.

Generation Y Retirement Planning Better Way

Generation Y is not like any other generation before it and will not be like any other generation after it. So, retirement that is actually enjoyable and worry free can come, but only with sound investment strategies and careful evaluating and reevaluating all along the way. This all starts with finding help form those in the industry who can think for the new generation and not only the old. What’s good for the goose may be good for the gander, but that method of thinking does not apply for Generation Y and their retirement planning.

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