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ISMAmerica And Retirement Planning for the New Economy


ISMAmerica is an independent organization focused on restoring hope. We demonstrate and educate that the average individual, not just the elite or gifted or fortunate, has every right to expect that even today, with work and determination, they can still achieve the American Dream.

ISMAmerica And Retirement Planning for the New Economy

If there is one thing that is for certain, it is that America is no longer in the same economic state that it was just a few short years ago. Now, America finds itself in the throes of a ‘New Economy’ that all started back in 2008. While Americans will learn to adapt as they always do, this still means that retirement planning can no longer be viewed in the same way as it once was.

ISMAmerica’s View On Retirement Planning Before the New Economy – How it Was

Just a few years ago accumulating the wealth needed for retirement seemed to be almost too easy. Well, when something is too good to be true it often is and this too was the case with such easy wealth accumulation.

At the time, the housing market was on a course for the moon as ware the financial markets. That meant that anyone who owned a home and also participated in a company pension or 401(k) was likely looking at strong returns on their money and thinking about retiring in style. But fate had other plans for America.

ISMAmerica’s View On The New Economy – How it Now Is

It all seemed like the perfect storm. The real estate market went from scorching hot to ice cold and suddenly double digit gains went flat. Then the financial markets had problems as well led by a lot of loose lending by many of the big banks. When it all started to unfold there were untold fortunes being lost each and every day. As bleak as the outlook was, the New Economy had emerged and it only got worse from there.

Housing started to drop drastically and people who once had equity in their homes suddenly found themselves having to hold their breath as they went underwater in them. The stock markets plunged and just like that retirement planning became an art form.

ISMAmerica is Rethinking it All – New Economy = New Planning

The American Dream can still be reached, it is just going to take a different approach to get there. There is no more easy money to be had, but there are plenty of sound investment strategies. Those who hold on to their dismal portfolios and hope for a return of the good old days will likely be disappointed, while those who plan now, and plan property, will likely be those who not only weather this storm, but profit from it as well.

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