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How to Choose Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance

Many insurance companies offer additional benefits known as Medicare supplemental health insurance plans. All of these plans are to provide coverage for health insurance costs that are not covered by Medical. When Medicare changed the way of coverage and payment that was in place for a number of years, Medicare supplemental health insurance plans were created.

Some of the differences between the old insurance and the new are the new Medicare insurance does not cover as much of the costs for prescription drugs as the old. It also does not cover many of the preventive health measures required for older Americans. Medicare insurance can be considered a “back up” insurance policy for any item that Medicare will not pay for.

Currently, Medicare has 12 standard Medicare supplemental health coverage plans that are available to senior citizens. Each of these plans must cover the same areas of healthcare for seniors and the plans are strictly regulated by the government. If you are planning to buy a Medicare insurance plan, the best time to purchase is within six months of applying for Medicare.

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