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Health Care Reform may be here now but will Take Years to Implement

History has been made and the Democrats have passed the Health Care Reform Bill and change will come for millions of Americans in need; only it will take years, not months to see those changes.


The yearlong marathon to pass the health care reform was successful and now that there is a plan in place, that plan won’t see many of its most important changes takes hold for three to four years. Until 2013 to 2014 virtually nothing will change for those Americans who do not have medical insurance nor will the practice of turning down the sick due to pre-existing illnesses stop.


According to White House officials, this delay is inevitable and cannot be avoided due to the sheer magnitude of the plan. But this will allow for opponents to have the time to undermine what has been passes and in the meantime the payoffs remain unseen by the public.


‘When government does something this big, people need to see the benefits immediately or there’s a danger,’ said Julian E. Zelizer, a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University. ‘The best way to sell government historically is to show people the benefits of government. When people see what they’re getting, they’re usually pretty happy.’


While the Democrats are quick to say that the American people cannot expect this change to happen overnight they are also aware of what this delay could mean politically and are passing a series of small changes that will take effect right away. Among the changes will be immediate relief for senior citizens by way of prescription drugs and a barring of the practice of medical insurance companies dropping medical insurance coverage on a person who files a claim. By passing these changes the Democrats hope to stave off any attack on the legislation that may be due to come from the Republicans anyway.


‘If we’re going in right away with some of these insurance reforms and with providing additional prescription drug relief for seniors,’ said Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director, ‘I find it highly unlikely that anyone would find it to their political benefit to repeal those.’


One thing that is crystal clear with this historical passing of health care reform; the American people will be shocked by how long it actually takes to kick in full force.

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